Coffee & Flowers: Park Time

Photo collage by MaanicMondays | Available on MoarBooks

I don’t have an actual photo because my phone was lowbatt all day but I think that the photo collage by the great people over at Maanic Mondays pretty much sums up what I want to talk about. On my lunch break, in an attempt to escape or alter my fate as a shut in, I like to go eat at the park near my office. It’s nice seeing people on their break as well. Some people have picnics some people eat on the other benches. It’s really nice. It’s also very refreshing because what I do for most of the day is stare at the computer screen. 

I just found out recently that more people than I’d thought read this blog; that’s very nice to know. 🙂 Thank you guys for telling me. I feel like there are never enough opportunities to feel less alone or lonesome–except, of course on occasions when you want to be alone.

I’ve been having a pretty good albeit exhausting week. There have been some pretty interesting developments at work. And well, let’s just say I’m pretty damn excited for March 5th.

Although of course, life is not without things that bother me: for instance, the fact that I haven’t had any proper sleep all week or that tonight, Matt Berninger is singing somewhere within like, a whatever-kilometer distance and instead of being there swooning over his beautiful, baritone voice I am here in my room typing this. But that’s okay. We will power through it, yes? 🙂


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