Events & Workshops


The Session Series: Creative Writing 


Learn about, talk about, read, and write fiction and poetry with writer and indie publisher Wina. You’ll even have the chance to create a zine to give your own great stories a home.

Registration Date(s): Ongoing

Workshop Dates: Starts August 15

Sign up/more details:
850 3852/4852 loc. 220
0915 669 3429

Tiny Fiction, Big Stories (TFBS)

Tiny Fiction, Big Stories is a part of Artery Art Space‘s Sudden Exposure series of creative writing workshops.

Description: The world’s biggest stories are often told through the tiniest details: the smile made the Mona Lisa, charging the Windmills solidified Don Quixote. In today’s volatile, and ever-changing world, we are more and more faced with the need to tell big stories in a manner that is both complete and concise, nuanced and necessary.

In this class, learn about writing small fiction with writer and indie publisher Wina Puangco. Differing from flash fiction in that it, despite (or perhaps because of) its size, tells a story that is complete, and multi-layered, small fiction toes the line between prose and poetry, between image and narrative.

Here, you’ll be learning how to build your big story from the ground up with interactive discussions, and exercises in storytelling, beginning with the basics of small story writing (Session 1) to refining, completing and executing (Session 2) your concept into print. Sign up now, and join us for two Saturdays of creative fun!

Registration Date(s): Closed

Workshope Date(s): June 20, July 4 & July 18 @ Artery Art Space

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