Published Stories: 

Driving Lessons A short story about friendship and the simultaneous fleetingness and inescapable nature of consciousness published in Plural Prose Journal’s maiden issue.

Questions A story told through questions–and their answers. Commissioned for Stache Magazine‘s December 2013 (Nostalgia) issue.

Word Problems A story that both utilizes and denies the form of word problems to tell stories of what-ifs and could-have-beens: things that make us, things we will never know.This was published in Plural Prose Journal‘s October 2014 issue.

The Weatherman A story about change, longing, and the inevitable evolution of names. Published in Driftwood Press‘s April 2015 issue.

Science Lessons  A series of three stories on learning, and life as a science. Published in TAYO Literary Magazine‘s 5th Anniversary Issue, the full series is available at Barnes & Noble.

What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Up? A collaboration with comicbook artist Danielle Riña, for Adarna’s PIKO (Pinoy Komiks) anthology. Available at bookstores nationwide.

Sunning A Mattress A short story on friendship and loss, published in The Southern Pacific Review.

Jim, Adam, I A series of short stories on the nature of desire, published in Alphabet Soup.


Paperweight is a 9-story chapbook of small fiction centering around Manila and life in the city. It is currently out of print locally, but available internationally through Blurb. (Illustrated by Trizha Ko)

The Elements is a chapbook of small fiction centering around the nature of friendship and the haunting, force-of-nature turns that it can take. Released at BLTXIX, it is going to be available locally by April and is currently open for pre-order. (Illustrated by Liana Maris)

Other Projects

The Experiment A 7-week poetry/art/fiction poetry collaboration with Stephanie Gonzaga & Arabella Paner, download and read it here.

On The Impossible A 50-copy project that is basically a love story told through found objects. A hundred percent handwritten, featuring art by Arabella Paner. The last copies are available at Uno Morato.


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  1. […] have recently been invited to be on the editorial team of Plural Online Prose Journal. Having been published by them in the past, this is very exciting for me because really–how often is it that you get to work on […]

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