Yes, T was the first letter of the name of the first boy I loved–who was also, incidentally, a twin. T was the letter his brother’s name started with too. Yes, T is the test we use in statistics to correlate one thing with another–yes, I am in my twenties and yes I ride trains and yes they were better in his country and I still don’t drink tea and he did speak in another tongue. But also, T is arbitrary: this is not about the boy who was my first love, this is not about my friend who had a broken heart, this is not about any of that, not really. To be honest, it could have been any other letter but it wasn’t.

More than anything, this zine is a list, a catalogue: lately, I’ve been very interested in what ties things together. One of my good friends who is a programmer told me that real randomness has a pattern–it’s just the way that the algorithm works.

I’ve really latched onto that idea. I like the thought of a tendency toward something whether it be a point of view or a format. All of these pieces began untitled and I chose the titles from commonalities within them: recurring words, images (the ocean, stormy weather, bad lighting). Tape, Tea, Teeth, Telephone, Tongue, Train, Tremble, Trying, Twenty-Six.

I cheated a little though because I wanted it to end with something I’ll never be again–but that is something I tend to do, too.

I hope you enjoy these.

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