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Science Lessons in TAYO Literary Magazine’s 5th Anniversary Issue

Nomenclature Illustration by Diego Ibarra
Illustration by Diego Ibarra

I am very happy to announce that a series of my small stories are available in TAYO Literary Mag’s 5th Anniversary Issue! This has been a long time coming, and it so great to finally see these babies find a home. The physical copies of the issue are now available at Barnes & Noble; I think they might be available locally a little later in the year.

The series is called Science Lessons, and comprises of three stories which talk about the pains of learning through different sciences that we take up as we grow as people. I won’t talk about it so much, as to not take away from your reading. The stories were illustrated by Diego Ibarra, Trizha Ko, and Erika Carreon. Click here for an excerpt!


Prose Practice, November 28th

IMGP0337I thought I would also include some of my more lucid practice exercises on here, for fun. 🙂

Also, feel free to repost/whatever anything on this blog, with due credit.

(1) Fish Out of Water

He tries to explain (the crux, the point, the intersection between). I try to comprehend (the light, the angle, the flick of the wrist). He sits at his desk (and writes me into another critical paper–Chapter One: Identifying the Problem). I wait (at the kitchen counter for my coffee to drip–eat into my impatience: stale, sugar-raised donut). We gape at each other (fish out of water).

(2) Attendance

The dilemma presents itself simply enough: she is not there.

Note to self, in the case of forgetting:These two things were written intermittently throughout today–the first one while my professor was looking for his USB. The second one while I was in the library, wondering why only every other floor has tissue in the bathroom.