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EM Zine Issue 4!

EM Zine Launch poster by Trizha Ko

Earlier this year, I remember mentioning that we were working on EM Zine Issue 4–and here it is. This is the first ever event we’re having for EM and it’s going to be exciting to see how this’ll go. The launch is going to be on March 22nd (Saturday), at Exile On Main Street, Leon Guinto Street, Malate, Manila (across from Taft Avenue, near DLSU). Details are on the poster above–you can also head to the Facebook event page to see more.

I think that this is definitely the swankiest EM Zine in terms of layout (although the first one took the cake for binding).

As for my work that’s in here–I’m a little bit nervous about it. Stories For Other People, Part 1 is included along with two other works entitled Recipes For Fear and Air Hunger. For now, I’m good with this decision to publish a “bulk project” like the installment of Stories For Other People but I get the feeling I’ll change my mind about that eventually. We shall see!

Also featured in the issue are comics by FFY, artwork by Trizha Ko along with stories by Noel Villa and poems by Ronaldo Recto.

First look at Issue 4! Cover by Trizha Ko
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Stories For Other People, Part 1


So I decided to take this whole FB Art Challenge/Stories For Other People thing to the next level. Instead of posting up links which I did previously, I’ve decided to go all-out and release the stories in print instead. I will be posting the stories in four installments–six stories per booklet which I will send to all of the people who signed up for the FB Challenge. 😀 I already have the first installment done. This is nice because it also gives me time to process my thoughts as opposed to rushing to get something out because the internet is calling. I’ve finished with the first installment and am going to get these babies printed within the next two weeks, after which I will send them out to all the 24 people. 🙂 I’m unsure still about whether to make this available to other people. We shall see!