Coffee & Flowers: Music For Girls To Dance To

Alex Kapranos, Franz Ferdinand Vocalist (Photo found online)

I haven’t had a lot of time to do a lot of things this week (my way of saying this is going to be brief), but one thing I always have time for (because it can be done with a combination of things, at any time and anywhere) it’s listening to Franz Ferdinand. It’s weird because the last time I was very “into” Franz Ferdinand was in 2004, when I was a sulky teenager with boy problems (Take Me Out was on a “mixtape” that I played 24/7) and rediscovering them now with a 10-year body of work to follow is almost overwhelming. Almost. I’m not very easily whelmed by volume. So. Perfecto

I read this interview of theirs on Spin Magazine and it’s so funny that it flashes back to an interview 10 years ago in which Alex Kapranos says that they make music for girls to dance to. I feel like I exist in a time parallel to 2004–10 years too late or 10 years too early, it’s almost impossible to tell. It’s like seeing someone you used to have a crush on when you were a kid and realizing that person grew up to be Adrien Brody.

Their discography is fucking amazing. I run the risk of sound cheesy (but fuck it) when I say that it excites something within me that I haven’t felt in the longest time: a kind of energetic-ness (in addition to the obligatory energy I would already put in anyway) to do things and be awake while doing them.

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