Coffee & Flowers: Summertime

I just realized today that one of the saddest things about no longer being in school is the absence of a summer vacation. I’m definitely not a beach bunny but I do really love the summer.

I find that there’s something comforting about the heat and how getting ice cream can be called a necessity–as opposed to what it usually is: an additional three inches of fat. I like the feeling of sweat rolling down your nape and the cooling sensation of having the fan blow it across your skin until it disappears somewhere between the cloth of your shirt and your shoulder. I like how taking a bath can offer so much relief and how there’s no need to waste water waiting for the heater to work. I like how you can go to the mall in the middle of the day, catch the first movie and eat popcorn in the cool air-conditioning without feeling cold because it’s so damn hot outside. I like wearing shorts and tank tops and cut-offs and sneakers and sandals.

Summer is laying on your back and reading time–it’s beer below zero time, it’s wearing bandanas time, it’s fuck you I’m dark time, it’s yes I’ll have green mangoes time, it’s watermelon time, it’s I’ll spend 50 bucks on Magnum because I can time, it’s look at my hairy pits time, it’s I’m going to free-boob in this tank top today time.

I am a December baby but I would not do well in cold weather. I am a child of the summer (said all of the ASOAIF characters–hahaha).

Admittedly, DLSU doesn’t have the longest summer vacations but it was nice to be able to start the day whenever I wanted and to have the luxury of spending the day writing or reading or “educating myself”. Today is a Saturday and I’m sitting at my desk. I tied my white curtains up so I can see the neighbor’s roof (there’s a thief who’s been climbing roofs–but that’s another story). It makes me want to fry an egg. Or suck on ice candy.

My niece is starting day care in June and seeing her so excited for it makes me think about why people have children. If for nothing else, maybe it’s so they can watch someone fall asleep slowly while lying on the couch in shortshorts with their top up, rubbing their belly while a fan blows in their faces and on the TV screen, Ariel jumps back into the ocean after saving Prince Eric.

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    I’ve got some suggestions for your blog you might be interested in hearing.
    Either way, great site and I look forward to seeing it grow over time.

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