Coffee & Flowers: This City, Tattoo Plans

I realized last Friday that this city is like an old friend–my parents’ office is right smack in the middle of Ayala Avenue and when I was a kid I used to go there in the summer (to print out The Calling lyrics and anime pictures). I can still remember how things like going to Ministop alone and taking the underpass made me feel like a grown up. Funny. And now taking the underpass and passing through the Ayala/Paseo area makes me feel like a child.

The thing about Makati which never ceases to surprise me are how subtle the turns are: there are different pockets of life which are delineated only by the tiniest structures–overpasses, pedestrian lanes, a KFC. In the case of Ayala Avenue and the Dela Rosa area, it’s just a corner. That corner (the one you turn after getting down from the Greenbelt overpass) never ceases to amaze me: how can you go from yoga studios and parks and virtually no noise to buses beeping and people chattering and cops blowing whistles? You walk a bit.

I was in the Ayala (literally Ayala Avenue not Ayala Station or Glorieta) area last Friday to meet up with my friend JM. It was so good to meet up with someone you haven’t seen in a long time. 🙂 Sadly (or maybe not), I was unable to take a photo when we were hanging out because we were too busy chatting–and then my mom called and I had to run run run to catch a ride home. But I’m superstitious with certain things: like I always get the feeling that if I don’t take a memento from a fun time it’ll never happen again or that if I wear the clothes I wore on a good day, some luck carries over. It’s stupid and to a certain extent I (of course) know it isn’t true. But fuck it. People have obsessions and people have compulsions. If there’s one thing I learned in my x number of years in BS Psych, it’s that. So I took this selfie in the elevator mirror. That was a good day.

Since graduation, I’ve pretty much been able to accomplish everything that I set out to do: I got a job, I set things in order for MoarBooks (or have at least made those arrangements) and I’ve upped my reading quota per month. The one thing which I haven’t done that I said I would (and still mean to) is to get another tattoo to commemorate my graduation. I was initially thinking of getting two arrows fashioned in the style of the equilibrium sign because it was chemistry (ah, damned pre-reqs) that kept me in school so long; it was also my chem subjects that I feel taught me about what it means to strive hard for something and I’m still considering that but a part of me also feels like doing that would be incredibly false because well, I don’t know a lot about chemistry. My appointment is scheduled for the end of March/start of April. We shaaallll seee!

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