Coffee & Flowers: Monday, Monday, Monday

Monday, Monday, Monday is my favorite song from Tegan & Sara’s Get Along concert DVD. It’s an old song and I don’t enjoy the early studio version of this very much, but the version above is excellent. It makes me feel happy but also not unreasonably so–like you can be happy despite the odd things you are feeling at the moment. (This is more literal than ever for me because I’m still sick but have already been given anti-biotics.)

This week or last week, I don’t really care about it anymore.Your house or mine, I don’t really care about it anymore.
I’m calling out, I don’t really care for the city anymore.
Monday, Monday, Monday.

Tomorrow is my first work of work. And while I am nervous about it, I’m also excited. And I think that combination has washed all my anxieties about other things away. In preparation for Monday, Monday, Monday (HAHA) I’ve made an upbeat playlist, cut my hair (photos below) and have put the things I’ll need tomorrow in my bag. I’m not sure about what to wear yet but that can wait until before bed, I guess.

ImageImageIn addition to this, I’m conceptualizing work for new stuff to be put out at cons this summer as well as the rest of the art challenge. I should have most of the latter up by the end of this week. 😀


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