Coffee & Flowers: Know Your Name

2014-01-19 19.46.23-1

I decided to change this blog’s URL from thechlorineatomgirl “back” to winawonders. I know that a lot of you following me on here won’t know this but I used to blog “for a living”, kind of–I used to blog on winawonders.com (which now no longer exists). It was a fashion/personal style blog which was sort of successful, I guess. I was a brand ambassador for Zalora for a while and it was fun at the time but it’s just not what I want to do with my life. It takes a ridiculous amount of energy to get up everyday and take high-resolution photos of what you’re wearing. I still like reading blogs like that but it just isn’t for me.

That was why I decided to try out blogging with different URLs like thechlorineatomgirl or thetorturesessions. I’m also very uncomfortable with being associated with my work because I find that people tend to mistake you for your work and vice versa. But today, after a very fun dinner and night out with my sisters, I got recognized by one of the sales ladies at Powerbooks from my being WinaWonders and having been at Aklatan and I realized–maybe I don’t have to choose between being myself and having my writing be recognized? Maybe I have it backwards and the thing is to own who I am?

You never know unless you try, I guess. So here’s me trying. 🙂


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