Translation, Transcription


One of our lessons from last term has been haunting me. During our lesson on nucleic acids/ the central dogma of information we tackled the processes of Transcription and Translation. I will try to explain these things in a nutshell and as well as I can remember/understood them:

At the center of every cell of every person is the nucleus which contains our DNA code. That code is to a certain extent trapped inside of the nucleus—much in the same way that you can’t pry an idea from a person’s mind by cutting their brain open. To remedy this, Transcription must take place—this happens by a strand of RNA entering the cell and copying the DNA code and then bringing that copied code outside of the cell’s nucleus, into the Ribosomes where they’re replicated. At this point though the code is still just code: for it to mean anything it has to undergo Translation. This is when the code is read and then translated into the proteins that they code for (UAGGACCGU becomes limb, shoulder, foot).  

I can’t help but feel that we ourselves are essentially (whatever that means) just macrocosms of these processes which I’ve (hopefully adequately) described above. The things that we mean to say or that we want to say are trapped inside us: inside us there is just fluid swishing around in the sulcuses (sulci?) and gyruses (again, gyri?) of our brains and there is no way to get that out or to make it relevant except to learn how to first, come to terms with those ideas so that they can be phrased in a manner that is accurate and that can be understood (Transcription) and second, to let those ideas become something more than just ideas (Translation): stories, anecdotes, critical papers, poems, photographs, artwork or whatever is relevant to what it is you do—write copy, teach math, audit companies.

I’ve really been enjoying these past few weeks post-graduating (although technically graduation is on the 5th of February). While it does feel a little unnerving not to have something that I have to do, I’ve been using the time to do things which I believe will make me a better human being. I figure that once I start regular work (I’m working on a freelance project at the moment), I won’t have as much time to do these things.

I’ve been reading a lot and watching tons of anime. I’ve also been (of course) working on more drafts for submissions. The ones I sent out last year have all already been replied to and I’m happy for the acceptances and alright with the rejections (because they were worded so nicely hahaha). So. Time to get a move on.

We are only the things we leave behind.

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