Off to the Races

ImageThere is a very odd anxiety that comes with sending out “official e-mails”. The taxing thing about sending this kind of stuff out (whether it be a story or your resume or a request for a space at an event) isn’t so much the thing you’re attaching (because you know you did your best at that and it doesn’t seem so self-centered) but the “cover letters” you have to write introducing that thing and explaining why you think it’s worth their while.

I think that once upon a time I used to be really good at selling myself–but that always seems to come with self-loathing (whether you’re doing it literally or figuratively), so I sort of became embarrassed of that trait and instead have become a cover letter-stammerer: I realized that anything I write pertaining to me or my work always comes out tentative. I say it like a question or a suggestion when I mean something declarative because I’m scared that my tone might be mistaken for something imperative.

So I decided to just get over it and do it. It’s like the opposite of YOLO: you gon’ be doing this for the rest of your life so you might as well suck it up and learn how.

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