Prose Practice, November 28th

IMGP0337I thought I would also include some of my more lucid practice exercises on here, for fun. 🙂

Also, feel free to repost/whatever anything on this blog, with due credit.

(1) Fish Out of Water

He tries to explain (the crux, the point, the intersection between). I try to comprehend (the light, the angle, the flick of the wrist). He sits at his desk (and writes me into another critical paper–Chapter One: Identifying the Problem). I wait (at the kitchen counter for my coffee to drip–eat into my impatience: stale, sugar-raised donut). We gape at each other (fish out of water).

(2) Attendance

The dilemma presents itself simply enough: she is not there.

Note to self, in the case of forgetting:These two things were written intermittently throughout today–the first one while my professor was looking for his USB. The second one while I was in the library, wondering why only every other floor has tissue in the bathroom.

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